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The Achievements

The Oleesa Isaac Ministries started in 2015; He has hosted powerful concerts and released numerous wonderful songs. He draws inspiration from Nathaniel Bassey, William McDowell, Micah Stampley and Marvin Sapp.

Oleesa Isaac

Oleesa Isaac was born Olisaeloka Solomon-Isaac Anyakwo on the 31st of October, 1992.

He is the only son of four children. He started singing at 13 years and joined the church choir. He developed a strong passion for Jesus after a strong encounter at age 18; where he decided to dedicate his voice solely to God. He has grown in grace and anointing since then.

My Inspiration

Every song-lyrics,beats are from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Most of the songs I never sat down to write them; they just came. I could be in the rest room or ironing or praying/worshiping and I'll start to hear a sound and BOOM! it comes! like it was downloaded into my soul.

"I believe I am light to my world, that’s how God put it to me. He told me 'Son, you are my light. Through you people will know that I am God. Therefore your path is different, don’t try to be like everyone else' "
Oleesa Isaac

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About my Music

I do music as the Holy Spirit Leads.

What Genre?

Christian Contemporary


"From a very young age, I knew I had a purpose, I was different, my path was separate. I was sent to be a LIGHT to my world. There has been ups and downs but in all, I am here because of Gods grace. Grace is what makes a man effective in every area of life; Its a supply from Heaven. You wanna go places, seek the grace of God that can take you from a NOBODY to SOMEBODY"
Oleesa Isaac

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